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Self Storage Facility

   Assorted storage units from:  5' x 10'  -to-  25' x 36'

  •   5x10 (50 Sq. Ft.)

  •   5x15 (75 Sq. Ft.)

  • 10x10 (100 Sq. Ft.)

  • 10x15 (150 Sq. Ft.)

  • 10x20 (200 Sq. Ft.)

  • 12x36 - 16' ceiling (432 Sq. Ft.)

  • 25x36 - 16' ceiling (900 Sq. Ft.)

Description of Unit Sizes


  Making lists, planning and packing

  tips for your self storage process.

We offer these helpful storage tips to help make your self-storage experience easier: 

  • Make a list of all the packing accessories needed to store your items. Bubble-pack, tape, rope, drop cloths, polyurethane sheeting, mattress and furniture covers, pallets, and cartons are just a few of the more commonly used packing items.

  • Leave a walkway to the rear of the self storage unit for better accessibility. Disassemble items such as bed frames to maximize the space in the unit.

  • Place frequently used items near the door or at the front of the unit.

  • Fill containers to capacity; partially full or bulging cartons may collapse or tip over in the unit.

  • Pack heavy items like books or tools in smaller boxes.

  • Fragile items should be cushioned by packing and placed towards the top of the unit.

  • Label your cartons and take home a list of the labeled cartons for easy reference.

  • Line the bottom of your self storage unit with a plastic drop cloth for added protection.

  • Use pallets as a foundation to place cartons on top of the pallets.

  • Mothballs are an added protection for your belongings.

  • Take full advantage of your self storage unit's space use the full height if possible. Shelving helps organize your unit.

  • Find a Lock Up self storage facility near you today. If you have any further questions about self storage, please don't hesitate to call us at 402-291-2758



Pay 6-month in Advance and Receive 5% Off


Military Discount


Commercial tenants are welcome!


Office/Warehouse Spaces: up to 7000 sq. ft.


Outside Parking Spaces Available


  • Video Surveillance

  • Well lit

  • Coded security gate

  • 24 Hour Access

  • Boats & RVs up to 40'

  • Outside Storage

  • Parking for trailers

  • Free RV dump station



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  Plan Ahead Before You Use Self Storage


If you've never used self storage before, you may feel a little overwhelmed when you get to your storage unit. How should you protect your valuables? Why doesn't there seem to be enough room in your storage unit? Bellevue Storage has put together a list to help you get started. Check out the following tips before you start packing your Lock Up Self Storage unit with specific items:



Should be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Keep freezer and refrigerator doors slightly ajar.


Bikes and other Metal Items:

To preserve metal during storage, wipe all metal surfaces with a rag containing a few drops of machine oil.


Books and Documents:

Pack books to protect their spines. Do not place boxes directly on the floor - use pallets or skids.


Dishes and Glassware:

Cushion carton tops and bottoms with a layer of paper. Glass items should be individually wrapped.



To save space in your storage unit, beds and tables can be disassembled. Wrap legs for protection. Cover wood and upholstered pieces.


Holiday Decorations:

Reuse the original cartons for delicate ornaments. Pad with packing paper.



Wrap lamp bases in padding. Wrap and place shades in separate cartons.



Store on edge, not flat.


Records and Record Players:

Records should be stored on edge to prevent warping. Secure tone arm and turntable to prevent bouncing.



Long handled tools such as racks, brooms, hoes etc., can be tied in bundles.


Mattresses and Box Springs:

Store on long edges for firmer support. Keep elevated from floor and covered for protection.



We hope this has been helpful. If you have more questions,

feel free to call us at (402) 291-2758.






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